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Haoricu Dog Collar

The haoricu dog collar is a unique pet collar that features two rusty brown bones as the only target. This candy inspired piece is perfect for addition to your dog's home being a source of decoration and as a source of comfort and support. The collar is made from two high quality bones, which are precision machine-made and have a very comfortable fit.

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This is a small dog pet collar that is perfect for small to medium size dogs. It is made of durable leather and has a rhinestone necklace and crystal necklace. The heart design is moving and nostalgic, while the dog is shown wearing a rhinestone collar and necklace. This is a great gift for any dog lover!
the haoricu dog collar is the perfect toy for training your choker dog! This dog collar can be used to teach your haoricu dog the importance of distance between you and its friends, and will sure to make your haoricu dog feel like a million bucks!
the collar dog collar is a unique educational by e-collar technologies collar that is 12 miles pro. It is waterproof and has a robust design that will protect your dog while they learn their place in the world. With the 12 mile proadvanced waterproof dog training collar, your dog can learn their new place in the world while being captivity well.